Frequently asked questions

If you have a question you don't see answered here, ask CAPT Brett; he'll answer it and add it to the page for other sailors on watch!!
#1 most popular question ever asked: WHAT IF THE WEATHER IS BAD ?

So, there are a couple ways this can go. First, the weather is REALLY bad and we've got Small Craft Advisorys issued. In this case, we offer a no-charge reschedule anytime in the season, a gift card for full value of your charter for anytime this season or next, or a full refund.

But, maybe it's not THAT bad, just sort of miserable. In this case, we again offer a no-charge rescuedule anytime in the season or a gift card for the full value of your charter good for this year or next.

Last, if you're a vistor and will never, ever come back....well, CAPT Brett hates confrontation :) We want happy customers so chances are, you'll get your money back.

Our season runs from May thru October and we're open every day (weather permitting). 

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    Are prices per person?
    Not at all! EVERY charter price you see is for THE CHARTER...that's up to six guests on our boat with our captain plus all safety and regulatory equipment, a chilled icebox with bottled water, and activity gear if requested (think SUP, kayak, snorkel gear, etc...)
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    How do I book a charter or a lesson?
    Just click anyplace you see the Book Now button and you can select days, times, boats, any add-ons you might want (food, beverages, etc...) and check out. It works sort of like booking an airline buy your ticket and show up for your sail.
  3. 3
    Do I have to have sailing experience to rent a sailboat?
    Um...yes. You have to have a driver's license to rent a car, right? You need a certification or to demonstrate experience on a short check-out sail with an instructor. If you take our ASA 101 course, you're automatically qualified to rent.
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    How do I reserve a rental?
    You can reserve a rental in exactly the same way as booking for charters and lessons. Visit our Rentals page, find the boat you want to rent, and click the Book Now button to see availability and book. Alternately, you can call us at 315-783-2755 and book over the phone.
  5. 5
    Why is there a deposit on rentals? case you hit something or something hits you. But look, our boats are hand selected to be affordable. Our deposit is just enough to buy some fiberglass and gelcoat if something happens, buy another winch handle because the one you were using flew out of your hand...whatever.
  6. 6
    When are rentals due back? Is there a late fee?
    Rentals are due back at the end of the rental period. If you rent a half day from 9-2, you're due back at 2. Daily rentals do NOT extend beyond sunset (multi-day rentals can be excepted). Obviously, if there is a mechanical problem you'll not be charged.
  7. 7
    I want a captained charter. What do I need to bring?
    You don't NEED to bring anything. But, we recommend swimming gear, sunscreen and towels, food/snacks/drinks (if you don't select the option to have food and beverages provided), something to read/do, cameras, favorite music, any personal comfort items, etc...
  8. 8
    What can I do while on board?
    Anything, or nothing. It's amazing just how productive doing nothing can really be. But if you must, you can move around, help sail the boat, take pictures, read a book or play games, whatever you want.
  9. 9
    Can we bring our own food/beer/wine?
    If our captain is driving on a captained charter, bring whatever you like. If you're renting and you're driving, follow the New Your State Boating Laws.
  10. 10
    How many people can you take?
    The maximum for any trip on our 32' or 26' boats is six (plus captain). For our sailing lessons, the max class size if four. For our rentals, our Chris-Craft 26', our Cape Dory 25', and our Lugar '26 will accommodate 5, while our Dufour 24' and Catalina 22' will accommodate 4.
  11. 11
    What about safety equipment?
    Everything you need and all that is required by law is provided. The number of personal flotation devices will match the number of guests :) Flares, first aid gear, radios, person-overboard gear, and anchor gear is all provided.
  12. 12
    Is gas included in the rental price?
    Yes. The gas tank is full and you can use all of it....just don't run out!
  13. 13
    What about seasickness?
    If you even THINK it might happen, take something PRIOR to the trip. Lake Ontario can get rowdy sometimes. We carry stuff onboard to help.
  14. 14
    What about bathrooms while we're out?
    Every boat has a bathroom or bathroom space with either a port-a-potty or on board head.
  15. 15
    What happens if I damage the boat?
    We have GREAT boats, but they're around 40 yrs. old. We collect a small, refundable deposit just in case gear goes overboard (hold on to those winch handles), a dock reaches out and gouges the hull, whatever. The deposit will more than cover any likely damage.
  16. 16
    What happens if I REALLY damage the boat?
    We're not gonna sweat a scratch here and there...that's what the deposit is for. Now, if you crash into a rock and sink, well, that's on you! After the Coast Guard rescues you, you are fully responsible for all costs. We have extra insurance available as an add on if you're interested.