After every storm the sun will smile; for every problem there is a solution

Cancellation Policies


WEATHER: While Lake Ontario is the smallest of the great lakes, she can get quite rowdy in the right conditions. For the safety and comfort of all customers, Sail Ontario reserves the right to cancel or delay courses due to weather conditions and staff issues. If we cancel a charter or rental reservation, arrangements will be made to make up the class or give sailing credits to be used by the student at a later date. If we cancel your rental reservation we'll immediately refund your payment.

MAINTENANCE:  It almost never happens, right? If your trip is canceled or rescheduled because we have something to fix, because we've broken something necessary to ensure your safety and comfortable experience, we'll immediately refund your money or give you priority for rescheduling.


As the operation of our charters and the School necessitates careful coordination of the number of students, boats, and instructors, we ask that you let us know immediately should you need to change your reservation for any reason. If possible, please notify us by both phone and email. Doing so ensures that your notification is received in a timely manner and that we have a record of it so that we can apply the cancellation policy accurately. We will send you an email confirmation of your cancellation. If you wish to reschedule, every effort will be made to reschedule your reservation on a space available basis.

Charter Cancellations or Reschedules:
  • 30+ Days from Original Course Date: 100% refund or 100% credit of the amount paid to apply to a future course or charter
  • 14+ Days from Original Course Date: 75% refund or 90% credit of the amount paid to apply to a future course or charter
  • 7+ Days from Original Date: 0% refund or 75% credit of the amount paid to apply to a future course or charter
  • Less than 7 Days from Original Date: no refunds or credits offered